ReCreation Potentials

                                                      Expressive Arts for Therapeutic Recreation 

Important Co-Vid 19 Notice!!!!

Our planned re-opening, with Covid-19 safety procedures in place and reduced capacity, will be July 2, 2020, depending upon AHS approval. 

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have been unableto operate our Hybrid Adult Support Program/Art Studio.  We must put the safety of our senior clients and the community at large before all else. 

In addition, we are unable to provide 1-1 non-essential recreation therapy visits, as per Alberta Health Services guidelines. 


We are getting ready to re-launch our new studio/creative arts program! 

We will post pictures and update on this page as we make progress. 

Spaces will be limited to 8 clients per day. 
3105 A - 34 Ave. S.E. 
[email protected] for more information.

Visual Arts for Self Expression

Therapeutic Art

Mixed Media

Sand Art

Seasonal Crafts


Cave Art

Creative Writing as Therapy

Creative Writing


Group Writing Using the STAR Method

Facility Promotion Books



Mindfulness & Guided Imagery


Health Promotion

Stress Reduction

Environmental Transition

Confidence/Self Esteem

Pain Control


Musical Memories for Cognitive Stimulation

Improvisational Storytelling