ReCreation Potentials

                                                      Expressive Arts for Therapeutic Recreation 

Private Therapeutic Recreation/Expressive Arts Therapy

Visual and Creative Arts

Visual and creative arts are used to promote freedom of self expression and creativity, explore feelings, address physical challenges,  provide tactile stimulation,  enhance hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills

1-1 visits with a therapist may include

  •  art projects
  • fibrearts
  • sand art
  • collage
  • symbolic art
  • seasonal arts and crafts
  • knitting
  • bargello
  • trepunta
  • embroidery
  • paint pouring 
  • jewely making
  • beading
  • another modality, based on client needs, interests and ability levels.


Creative Writing/Memoirs/Art Journaling, and More

This therapeutic activity assists with memory and recall, sharing pride in life accomplishments, safe sharing, discussion and resolution.

Visits with the therapist may include

  •  Casual chatting using memory prompts.
  •  In-depth discussion
  •  Journaling, memoir writing or recordings.
  •  Reminiscing may include the use of pictures, songs and stories.
  •  Re-framing and creative license.
  •  Possible crossover into visual art for story enhancement or for booklet cover.
  •  May use art journaling as a modality.


One to One Singalong Sessions

Visits with the therapist may include:

  • Discovery of the individuals' favorite/significant songs.
  • Discussion of life events and memories attached to songs.
  •  Use of themes such as holidays or seasons to bring focus to the interaction.
  • The use of a shaker, tambourine, kazoo, native rattle, singing bowl may be used.
  •  Karaoke may be used for accompaniment and/or to enhance client experience.
  • Song sheets may be used  when client is able to read large print and recognise words.