ReCreation Potentials

                                                      Expressive Arts for Therapeutic Recreation 


Creative Writing Techniques for Therapeutic Recreation - Outcomes, Data and Study Results


This book is a coil bound version of a textbook.  The books covers many different studies and research findings on the therapeutic benefits of writing.

In addition to study results and empirical data, you will find examples of how the findings relate to the use of writing in therapeutic recreation. for those those working with clients :

  • living with dementia
  • in stroke recovery
  • living with depression
  • experiencing life altering physical changes such as cancer
  • living with anxiety
  • living with PTSD
  • with substance use challenges
  • transitioning from abusive relationships
  • transitioning from homelessness and more!

The  author fo Creative Writing Techniques for Therapeutic Recreation has experience and education in Therapeutic Recreation, Psychology, Gerontology, Nursing, Art and Art Therapy. She is the founding Therapist of reCreation Potentials- Expressive Arts for Therapeutic Recreation and has used these techniques with individuals as young as 4 years and as old as 100 and most everyone in between. 

The techniques have been used successfully with individuals with dementia, those in stroke recovery, children in transitiion, children with physical disabilities, young adults with physical challenges, brain injury or substance abuse issues, and women exiting abusive relationships.

Sample chapter eutic_Benefits_of_Writing_Modalities_for _Individuals_Living_with_Dementia_and_Ot her_Cognitive_Challenges

The book/workbook/therapeutic writing tools set was designed for use by Therapeutic Recreation Specialists and those offering Recreation Therapy programs and interventions.

However, the data and accompanying workbook, as well as the tools and writing generators transfer well to use by other professionals, including, but not limited to: social workers, outreach coordinators, occupational therapists, social workers, counselors, clergy or any member of one of the helping professions.

Some of the methods mentioned in the book are often used by psychotherapists.  These methods have been adapted so as to conform to the scope of practice of Recreation Therapists.

Some have been used by creative writing teachers. Of course, all are free to explore the possibilities of these methods.

The STAR Method of group/individual therapy using creative non-fiction, a modality developed by the author, was designed specifically for use by Recreation Therapists, but can be adapted for use by other professionals.

The 8.5" x 11" photos in colour, black and white and sepia have facilitator prompts on the back of each, to stimulate creativity and stir imagination!

Word kits add to the endless variations and years's worth of possible word combinations.

The workbook offers step by step instruction and guidance in the successful implementation of a variety of writing methods as well as directions in the STAR Method, although personal group training is also recommended.

This set provides data proving therapeutic benefits of writing and implications for use by Therapeutic Recreation Professionals.  It walks you through the processes and you even get forms, checklists and sample goals and performance measures.

Creative Writing as a Recreation Therapy modality has been used by the author since 1993 and is a proven winner  

* Please allow 2-4  weeks for delivery and up to 8 weeks in countries outside of Canada and USA.

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