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Picture Story Telling Kit- Seniors General Interest


20 photos, printed on 8.5 x 11 inch card stock, all designed to elicit conversation and creativity among your group of seniors.

These photos can also be used for 1-1 work with a client and for reminiscense therapy.

Examples of photo topics:

  • Old Photo Booth from the 1940's and 1950's
  • War Rations Book
  • Old Cage Elevator in a vintage building
  • Nylon stockings hanging in a 1940's kitchen
  • A Soda Fountain, with stools, milkshake machine and vintage signage
  • Sheets on an old clothesline
  • Old rotary phone, typewriter, woman in poodle skirt and other vintage items
  • and many more.

This kit is suitable for clients from 55 to 90 years plus.

Writing prompts with each, so you are never stumped as to how to begin or how to keep things moving along. However, these are offered as a guideline only, and you may wish to simply follow your clients' lead and not use any prompts.

Your use will be determined by your desired effect and outcomes.

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