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MIndfulness, Guided Imagery and Individual Meditation Sessions and Training

MIndfulness is one of the new buzz words being heard in the past few years, but what does it mean?

To some, it is a welcome escape from the daily stressors of modern living.  To others, it is a spiritual experience.  To others still,it may mean relief from chronic pain, sleepless nights, or a reduction in anxiety.

Basically, mindfulness is an exercise in living in the moment while quieting the noise of self talk, anxiety, worry, and other intrusions, to connect with Source and the authentic self.

In Eastern cultures, it is a part of one's daily life to practice mindfulness, either through prayer or meditation.

In Western cultures, there is often a lack of value placed on the art of living in the moment, of becomingai "in touch" with oneself and using the mind to carve out a peaceful retreat in the world, no matter where one may live.

Guided imagery and mindfulness can be used to manage chronic pain, reduce wodrry and anxiety, increase self esteem, reduce physical manifestations caused by stress, aid in end of life issues.

Guided Imagery and mindfulness practices, when used correctly, can also support traditional healing modalities such as surgery, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, speech therapy and services offered by other health care professionals.

reCreation Potentials can provide basic training in mindfulness to recreation and activity professionals at your facility. Please contact us for

for fees and more information on training sessions.

We can also facilitate guided imagery, progressive relaxation and mindfulness  activities at your location, including resident/ client assessment, goals and objectives and outcome measures. Please contact us for more information about small group sessions, your goals, your client/resident needs and how we can build a session package just for you.