ReCreation Potentials

                                                      Expressive Arts for Therapeutic Recreation 

 Program Facilitation

Guided Imagery Sessions

We provide guided imagery sessions at your facility for your residents/clients. We currently offer small group guided imagery sessions in progressive relaxation, healing, stress reduction and more.

Each session is $75.00 and includes discussion pre and post session and reporting of performance measures according to goals and enabling objectives.

You provide a quiet space for program facilitation and porter clients to and from activity. I do the rest. As a Certified and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, I currently run these sessions myself but eventually will have other Therapists trained to facilitate.

We are also able to provide indivdual meditation or mindfulness CD's for residents with sleep problems, anxiety and more.  Please contact us for prices.

All guided imagery, mindfulness, spiritual and healing recordings

are scripted and produced with strict adherence to clinical

hypnotherapy guidelines and ethics.


Progressive Muscle Relaxation Sessions

These sessions are designed to reduce stress and anxiety and teach participants how identify stress in the body, and alternately tense and relax muscle groups and body areas to attain a state of relaxation.

Residents or clients can engage in small group sessions (maximum 12) and in therapist led discussion of other methods of relaxation and anxiety reduction.

Sessions are $75.00 for 1 hour of direct client contract.

Individual recordings can be produced and 1-1 sessions are available for clients in the community or in lodge, retirement residences, group homes or care facility locations.

Spirituality Series Sessions

We offer several spiritual (not religious) oriented guided imagery sessions including a journey to the healing pond, healing with colour and light, totem animal sessions and more.

These mindfulness activities are designed to lead your residents/clients in a peaceful, healing experience engaging multiple senses.Participants are gently guided to envision colours, imagine sights, sounds, and feelings and be fully present in the moments.    

In one session, participants are introduced to waterfall of healing colours and in another, they are guided through the forest into a peaceful pond, where stress, anger, anxiety and negativity are washed away.


Creative Writing for Therapeutic Recreation

These sessions are 2 hours (1.5 hours with clients and .5 hour for compilation) weekly or bi-weekly and group size is 6 to 8 clients.  

Using the STAR Method (TM) the therapist guides the participants through creation of a storyline, development and more, all the while helping clients reframe stressful or negative events, share their stories in a safe and supportive environment and develop meaningful friendships. This is also a great lead in to other programs, such as art classes, outings related to elements of the story (such as a garden centre, older neighbourhood tour, library outings, etc).

$150 per 2 hour session with additional cost of printing, photocopying or otherwise preparing final project for distribution. If your organization has a printing/publishing connection, you might have the finished product published through your company.

You provide a quiet place for program facilitation, your staff members porter the residents/clients to  and from the program location leave the rest to us!  Program progress reports provided and performance measure reports of participants available.

This is a big project with even bigger rewards and therapeutic benefits!

Totem Animal Guided Imagery Sessions

The totem animal sessions are strength focused and encourage 

participants to recognize and re-connect with their strengths, by identification with

animal spirit or totem.   These guided imagery

sessions, rooted in native spirituality but also used in therapy, are very empowering to participants and effects can be long lasting. This is a strength based activity.

You provide the quiet location and porter clients to and from the activity and we do the rest!

Sessions are:

$75.00 each (with at least one hour of direct client contact)  for program only, with no documentation.

$100 for each session includes reporting/ documentation according to findings in session according to goals and enabling objectives.

This often works well with art classes or writing as a follow-up activity.

Therapeutic Art

Therapist comes to your facility, lodge,  residence or club with all necessary art supplies. You provide an area to facilitate the activity and a place to clean brushes, etc. as well porter clients to and from the activity.  Staff are welcome to stay and we may ask for a volunteer if residents need more assistance than we can offer ourselves or when residents have cognitive challenges.

We do all the rest!

Therapeutic Art Classes are 2 hours long and $150 which includes supplies for 8 participants, (1 hr to 1.5 hours of direct client interaction with remaining time for prep/clean-up).

Musical Memories/Story Telling

Residents/clients enjoy singing along to music from the 40's, 50's 60's and 70's under the direction of a therapist trained in music care and music memories.

We come with or without rhythm instruments, based on resident needs and large print songbooks.

Your staff members porter or escort residents two and from the activity area  ad we do the rest.

Sessions are  one hour long and are $75 ( best for clients who are unable to participate longer)and 1.5 hours for $110- best value- and includes therapist led discussion between songs.